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About Omni Design Technologies

Omni Design Technologies is a leading provider of high-performance, ultra-low power IP cores in advanced FinFET nodes to 28nm, that enable differentiated systems-on-chip (SoCs) in applications ranging from 5G, wireline and optical communications, LiDAR, radar, automotive networking, AI, image sensors, and the internet-of-things (IoT). Our data converter (ADC and DAC) IP cores range from 6-bit to 14-bit resolution and from a few Msps to more than 20 Gsps sampling rates. Omni Design, founded in 2015 by semiconductor industry veterans, has an excellent track record of innovation and collaboration with customers to enable their success. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California with additional design centers in Fort Collins, Colorado, Boston, Massachusetts and Bangalore, India.

Omni Design’s SWIFT™ is a revolutionary new circuit technology that uses tried and tested op-amp based architectures for signal processing.  SWIFT™ dramatically relaxes all aspects of op-amp performance requirements, including open-loop gain, bandwidth, noise, and offset voltage. 

This technology has significant implications for analog and mixed-signal circuits, where op-amps are used for precision signal processing.  The op-amp is a bottleneck, particularly in nanoscale technologies, compromising accuracy, speed, and power consumption. High open-loop gain, high closed-loop bandwidth, and low noise are simultaneously required in an op-amp for high performance circuits. Combined with limited headroom in modern nanoscale CMOS, the limitations of op-amps has become a monumental challenge. 

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