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In order to provide clients and stakeholders with an opportunity to interact with our brand, we make sure to regularly attend the largest annual events of the Israeli microelectronics industry Want to get to know us better? Check out our calendar and join us at our next event!


ChipEx2024 technical seminar May 7, 2024 at the Tel-Aviv Expo Center

ChipEx2024, the largest annual event of the Israeli semiconductor industry, will be held on May 7-8, 2024 in Tel Aviv, Israel. ChipEx2024 showcases companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of advanced hardware technologies & services. It also includes a technical seminar where the world's leading experts address the industry's most relevant issues.

The event is produced by ASG Ltd. in cooperation with SIA, Semiconductor Industry Association and with Semi, the largest global industry association.

The goal of ChipEx2024 is to update all professionals involved with the Israeli semiconductor industry with the latest technological innovations and future directions of the industry.

ChipEx2024 target audience are all people involved with the semiconductor industry including engineers, R&D managers, industry experts, senior executives in microelectronics related companies, multinational design centers, consultants, venture capital managers as well as electrical/electronic/computer science students & professors from the various universities around Israel.


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