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Movellus Aeonic™ Digital IP Platform

Architectural Solutions for Complex SoCs


Movellus Aeonic™ IP delivers chip-level architectural
innovations to improve system performance through feature-rich, synthesizable IP.

Aeonic is a Digital IP platform that solves system-level challenges in areas including power and performance optimization and monitoring in a manner that is configurable, synthesizable and process portable. The foundation of Aeonic is Movellus’ core expertise in converting traditionally analog functions into the digital domain and combining this with system-level knowledge to solve customer problems while providing those customers R&D leverage, flexibility, programmability and high degrees of observability as well as testability driven by a digital first approach.

  • Our Products

    • Industry 1st Integrated Turnkey Solution for Droop and DVFS Response

    • Enabling Silicon Monitoring and Health Analytics with Precise Run-Time Droop Response Data

    • The Aeonic Integrated Droop Response System revolutionizes the way we respond to droop in complex integrated circuits. This innovative solution is designed to simultaneously mitigate voltage droop and enable fine-grained DVFS capability in an integrated turnkey solution, resulting in significant power savings for SoCs.

    • It also includes extensive observability features that provides valuable insight for modern silicon health and lifecycle management systems. With its fast adaptation time, multi-threshold droop detection, remote/local droop detection support, APB & JTAG interfaces, this system helps architects manage droop and DVFS while generating actionable insights for silicon health and analytics platforms.

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