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Magillem is a Leading Provider of Complex Design Flow and Content Management Software Solutions.

Magillem has developed an easy-to-use, state of the art platform to cover electronic systems design flow challenges in a context where complexity, interoperability and design re-use are becoming critical issues to manage design cycle time of SoC.

Magillem integrated design environment offers a non-disruptive framework, a backbone to the design flow, providing fluidity, flexibility, seamless execution of the entire flow and better control to designers.

Thanks to early focus on XML, the company has quickly become a specialist of design and content automation, offering a multi-industry and cross-disciplinary approach to its clients.

Magillem’s innovative technology now enables the integration of specification, design and documentation into a unique process.

MPA is the center piece of a powerful intuitive, Integrated Design Environment. The user friendly interface guides the designer during platform assembly and configuration, and streamlines exploration and implementation of IP-based systems

MRV by Magillem offers a Register View of Systems and IPs, based on IP-XACT standard, which addresses today’s challenges of HW/SW integration in complex chips

The packager scalability enables automatic import of legacy component libraries and its high level of modularity facilitates smooth integration with any client directory structure, with support of customer specific information. Magillem IP-XACT packager advantages are

Magillem has built a real expertise in XML technology, It crafted a powerful solution for content assembly.

MCP is successfully used by companies active in the legal field , the publication field and in semiconductors and electronic systems industries.

• Bridging the gap between Engineering and Publishing
• Ensuring coherency, integrity and quality of design related content
• Automating and accelerating content update
• Implementing a well suited publishing production flow
• Maximizing the return on investment in producing content of value.

Magillem’s IP-Xact based platforms, derived from IP-reuse methodology, solve the challenge of maintaining consistency between various representations of a system, by single sourcing the data from the specification, for Hardware design, embedded Software and documentation.

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