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About Kilopass

The leader in embedded NVM intellectual property, Kilopass removes long-standing challenges to NVM integration across a wide range of markets, applications and SOC designs.  Its patented technologies and expanding set of one-time programmable (OTP) and multi-time programmable NVM solutions have boundless capacity to scale to advanced CMOS process geometries, are portable to every major foundry and integrated device manufacturer (IDM), and meet market demands for increased integration, higher densities, lower cost, better reliability and improved security.

Kilopass XPM™ embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) is built using standard, commercially available CMOS logic process technologies and is silicon proven to deliver high density, high performance, and highly reliable electrically field-programmable solutions at a low cost. Over 170 customers have integrated XPM™ embedded NVM IP in over 400 designs from 180nm to 16nm. Applications range from 8Kb for security keys to multiple instances of 1Mb for program code storage. Many of the designs down to 28nm are in high volume production began as early as 2003.

Gusto-2 is the second generation of Kilopass code storage antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP) that serves a new emerging class of small ultra low-power, one-chip designs. Single chip systems must run for years on a coin cell battery or harvest energy for operation. These designs cannot accept the shadow SRAM leakage in addition to the power of the off-chip serial EEPROM or flash. Such designs need an on-chip NVM: (1) that has near zero standby current; (2) that has the active and standby power equal to or better than the shadow SRAM it replaces; (3) support code storage capacities ranging from 32kB to 128kB; (4) has sufficient bandwidth to support execute-in-place operation.

Ultra-low power system-on-chip (SoC) designs in this category perform functions such as

  • Remote wireless sensors for monitoring health and fitness, home automation, and security

  • Near-field communications (NFC) for digital wallet, wireless financial transactions, electronic identification driver’s license, passport, fare collection, and others as well as

  • Applications serving the emerging market of Internet of things.

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