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Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading fabless ASIC / SoC and silicon IP (intellectual property) provider, ranking in top 50 fabless IC suppliers in the world and top 10 in Taiwan. Headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, Faraday has services and technical support offices around the world, including in US, Japan, Europe and China. Since established in 1993, Faraday has been acknowledged its expertise and capabilities with over thousands of successful designs in a wide range of application, covering consumer electronics, multimedia, display, communication, networking, and PC peripheral/storage, along with hundreds of million ASIC chips shipped annually worldwide. 

The increasing complexity, interface, and functionality of SoCs have brought out much more challenges than the traditional chip implementation. To make the highly-integrated system, SoC designer are requested to be equipped with expertise in wise of IP itself, IP integration, IP verification, and HW/SW co-design of system level instead of chip level only. Furthermore, the narrow market window especially can not allow the schedule delay and the miss-out of timing.

With 20 years of IP development, ASIC, and SoC service dedication, Faraday knows deeply about customers' most-worried issues and can assist SoC designers to overcome these challenges. To ensure customers' successful end-to-end execution, to lower their risk, lessen the effort, and shorten the time-to-market, Faraday has developed the platform based SoC solutions, including SoC design tools, and ready-to-go platforms, which have facilitated many SoC success cases till now, including the SoC projects of networking application with hundreds of million gate-count complexity.

Faraday SoC design service specially comprises the professional consultation by experienced engineers through all design stages, from SoC design engagement, architecture, IP integration, to physical implementation. Involved at the initial specification stage all the way to tape-out, customers can fully rely on Faraday's SoC consultants to provide recommendations on SoC architectural trade-offs, selecting and configuring the right IPs, and to offer guidance during synthesis and timing closure stages to greatly help reduce implementation time.

At Faraday, we provide professional ASIC design service with a well-developed ASIC infrastructure and an experienced ASIC team with average 10 years of experience. In addition to ASIC technology, we develop our own in-house IPs, including ARM-compliant CPU, high speed IOs, memory interface, and fundamental IPs (library, memories, PLL, regulator, etc) and are expertise in SoC design/service. With in-house IP development capability and solution, we are able to provide IP consulting at ASIC level and do IP customization for customers' special ASIC requirement. Moreover, to meet increasing demand for SoC ASIC design, we build a dedicated platform service team and SoC development flow/tools to support the complex development process and accelerate SoC time-to-tapeout.

Our ASIC, SoC and IP design capability and services enable customers to realize their ideas in silicon better and faster, and be competitive on the market with lower cost and higher differentiation.

Faraday is one of the few leading ASIC vendors with a comprehensive self-developed IP portfolio. Faraday's IPs are silicon and production proven in the ASIC projects for global customers, covering wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, multimedia, display, communication, networking, and PC peripherals, etc.

Faraday's broad IP portfolio includes Cell LibraryMemory CompilerProcessor CoresAnalog IPPeripheral IP, and complete Interface IP solutions consisting of controllers, PHYs for widely-used protocols. These in-house developed IPs help eliminate designers' integration risks and lower customers' IP licensing costs, which especially matter in today's complex ASIC and SoC design. Also, Faraday partners with 3rd party IP vendors to provide an even more comprehensive, easy, and efficient one-stop IP and ASIC services.

Furthermore, With the long-year experiences in IP development (since 1993), Faraday has been equipped with the robust IP customization flexibility and capabilities to meet customers' specific product requirement, in terms of power, size, and performance, etc., and to achieve market window at the same time.

Faraday is the leading ASIC vendor who provides cost competitive solutions based on UMC's 28nm process. 28nm HPC (High Performance Compact) process with High-k/metal gate stack is the mainstream technology for ASIC design and IP service in Faraday.

With the enhancement of electron mobility performance, UMC’s 28nm HPC is ideal and expected to be long-lasting for the applications that require high performance and low power consumption. Faraday currently supplies the largest silicon verified IP portfolio over UMC process platforms. The addition of 28nm HPC IP offerings marks the two companies’ expanded collaboration in bringing leading-edge IP solutions to meet SoC design requirements.

Faraday’s solutions support a wide range of products such as networking ICs, portable devices, set-top box AP, DSC, and special applications like bitcoin mining machine.

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