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True Empowerment and Innovation
Satris Group

Satris Group

True Empowerment and Innovation 

Who We Are

Satris Group is the leading EDA and IP representative in Israel, recently expanding to additional domains such as SW development and IOT. It made a name for itself as having a good eye for the best technologies, and many of the companies Satris decided to represent in Israel ended up being acquired by major vendors.


The Satris management team has jointly over 70 years of engineering and sales experience in both hardware and software domains. It is well known worldwide for having been part of some of the industry’s known successes, such as Verisity and Jasper. Having been engineers and EDA users and buyers in the past, the Satris management is well known for its deep technical understanding and for its understanding of customer needs. Satris has a long history of very strong commitment to customer success and its ability to grow sales even in very difficult situations.


Satris’ goal is to bring advanced technologies to the Israeli users, enabling them to keep their leading-edge in the markets. Such technologies require close and cooperative relationships between vendors and users, and the Satris team is the catalyst and enabler of such relationships, resulting in joint success of both customers and vendors.

Satris Group is part of the EDAcon Partners worldwide network of reps which enables it to easily cooperate with reps in other countries to maximize benefits for both customers and vendors.

Meet The Team
Our Technology

At Satris Group Ltd, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our vendors has a wide range of technologies, IPs and tools that were created with an aim to bring higher efficiency, quality and ROI to the microelectronics industry. Satris Group is continually building upon innovative leading technologies, in order to empower our users to meet their challenging designs' requirements.

Coby Hanoch

CEO and co-founder 

Coby has 40 years of experience in Semiconductor and EDA. He started his career as a verification engineer at National Semiconductors and managed the team developing its internal verification products. Later he became CAD manager at ACRI, France, a company developing a European supercomputer and one of the largest EDA customers in the world at that time, enabling Coby to get a deep understanding of the customer needs on the one hand, and experience as an EDA buyer negotiating multi-million $US deals on the other. This experience became an important asset later on when managing large sales campaigns and enables Coby to relate to both the vendor but also to the customer's needs.

In 1995 Coby joined 4 colleagues to start Verisity, where he was VP WW Sales, and led a team of over 100 Sales/AE to over $100M/year sales, contributing to the Acquisition of Verisity by Cadence in 2005. Later Coby became President & CEO of PacketLight Networks which was struggling and led the company to a turnaround and back on the growth path.


After PacketLight Coby set up EDAcon Partners, a worldwide sales network, and Satris Group became part of it. EDAcon was hired, among others, by both Jasper and Codasip, and Coby was VP of Worldwide Sales in both.


Today Coby is CEO of Weebit Nano, a ReRAM memory technology company traded on the ASX. Weebit licenses its IP modules, and also sells discrete memory chips.

Oved Saraf

VP Sales and co-founder ,

Oved has over 30 years of experience in the EDA and Semiconductor industries. He was the Israeli country manager for Certess which was acquired by Springsoft. Oved was one of the first employees at Verisity and set up the technical support in Israel. Later Oved became the Israel Sales Director for Verisity and after its acquisition by Cadence became Cadence’s Major Account Manager in Israel. Prior to Verisity Oved was an engineer in Motorola Semiconductors, National Semiconductors and M-Systems.

Oved holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Tel-Aviv University and a BSc in Business Management from the Tel-Aviv Business School.

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